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Archive - Analyses and Essays


Fifty Years Bundesnachrichtendienst –Retrospective – Perspectives 1956-2006 (2006) (pdf)

The Soviet Union and the GDR – as seen by the BND 1985-1990, 2009 (pdf)

Germany and Russia in the European Context (pdf)

Berlin - Roles in History, Today and Tomorrow (2014) (pdf)

Germany 1945 - 2015 - a survey (2015) (pdf)


International Security

Intelligence and Foreign Policy (March 2003) (pdf)

International Terrorism and Intelligence (May 2003) (pdf)

The World after the Iraqi War (November 2003) (pdf)

European Experience of Conflict Resolution and Confidence Building and its Relevance for South Asia (February 2004) (pdf)

National Security and International Security (2007) (pdf)

National Security and International Security (2007), short version (pdf)

Europe and the Iran Issue (pdf)

The North Atlantic Council of NATO in the Eighties (2011) (pdf)

International Migration - A global challenge - (2014) (pdf)

International Co-operation

Germany and India – The Role of Civil Societies in our Times (2006) (pdf)

Diplomacy and Globalization (2006) (pdf)

Germany, Europe and Civil Society in Belarus – Report of "Menschenrechte in Weißrussland e.V.", Berlin (2007) (pdf)

The Emancipation of Indian Dalits from a European Point of View, (2007) (pdf)

The New European Union and the New Russia, 2009 (pdf)

Belarus and the European Institutions, 2009 (pdf)

Strategy 2009 – Analysis and Policy Recommendation; Document of the Association “Human Rights Belarus”, Berlin, 2009 (pdf)

Near East Initiative: Former German Ambassadors call for a more Assertive Policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, 2009 (pdf)

Urban Development in India (2012) (pdf)


Human Rights in Belarus - Situation analysis 2010 and political recommendations (pdf)

Human Rights in Belarus - Strategy Paper 2011, "Published in the name of Association Human Rights in Belarus" (pdf)

The Future of Belarus Transformation in Belarus - At the Crossroads (2012) (pdf)

The Emerging Civil Society in Independent Belarus (2006-2010) (2012) (pdf)

Human Rights in Belarus - Strategy Paper 2014 (2014) (pdf)

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